Kitchen Handles & Knobs

We are extremely proud of the Cabinet , Drawer and Cupboard Handles we have available at Fit4Kitchens. The mixture is diverse and interesting, providing options for all styles of interior design. We feature two brands - Hettich pro Decor and Finesse Design - who produce entirely different kitchen handle collections, though both are equally impressive.

Pro Decor are part of the Hettich brand and have a huge range of cabinet, drawer and cupboard handles. They have recently added a number of new lines to their collection, which will be appearing here very soon. The Pro Decor Handle Collection is divided into four categories, offering a choice for everyone. The New Modern range is full of stunning, contemporary designs. The Deluxe Range has an elegant, dynamic appeal. The Organic section is buzzing with chic appeal. Finally, we have the Folk Range, which features handles made from different materials such as leather, wood and porcelain, that can be used for both modern and traditional interiors.

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