Kitchen Bins

Decent Kitchen Bins are an essential part of any kitchen and with the need to recycle and divide waste, a good bin with different compartments is ideal. It is also preferable to have bins stored away out of sight when not in use as this results in a more hygienic, tidy kitchen.

Most of the kitchen bins available at Fit4Kitchens are pull out bins with different compartments that can be used for household waste, recyclable waste, food waste and more. Our top selling bins are the Euro Cargo Waste Bins for 450, 500 or 600mm wide cabinets. When you pull these bins out, the lid remains inside the cabinet and waste can quickly be dropped into the bin. The bin lids also act as excellent shelves for storing bin liners and cleaning products.

Other stand out kitchen bins we offer include the dynamic, brightly coloured Wesco bins and the Air Tight Nappy Bin.

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